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Upcoming artists and musicians can always contact us: for new events taking place in different parts of the world.  Filters will be enabled on this site to allow you to choose which areas you want to go and perform in.  Our policy is to have all artists / comedians / musicians / choirs / bridegrooms / pastors to be signed up with us and to have a website of their own with e-commerce enabled on it… This will enable us to quickly remit all tickets sold contact us:

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Visitors on this site can book for and buy a ticket online with ease.  The visitor can pay for the event online using MPESA or paypal and can attend unlimited number of shows or gigs as long as they have a membership number and a secret code to attend the particular event.  Members will be contacted directly using mobile phones immediately they book for an event and the event calendar will be regularly update on this site.  Incase of any queries or questions email us: – Thank you!

"Nurturing talent is something. But to love nurturing talent and be loved back, that is everything."

Shadiva, Cabral, David, Davies & Shadrack


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