Shacadasha Events
KShs. 300
This service is usually Free but Shacadasha is allowing limited access to most of our clients and events for only KShs. 300/= (hapo sawa?) You can easily access all your and our events in Kenya (countrywide) and even worldwide. We are trying to keep off youngsters and any other idlers who create events on our website and disappear!  Using this minimal fee of 300 bob you will be able to create your own event with your own pictures and videos.  However you will be charged every time you want to create a new event. Viewing the events created is absolutely free!!!  Any event taking place around you, around East Africa and around the world! So jump in while the offer is still low and enjoy!
Corporate Events

Premium Content!

It is a one time payment for all your corporate events to get comedians and artists and singers maybe even traditional dancers and acrobats from around your area, whether you are in the central business districts of Kenya or in the different parts of the country, heck we can even send entertainers abroad. Just have try us!  Give Shacadasha a test.  Our team of highly trained professionals will traverse the country to get you the best event handlers and entertainers in a matter of minutes! However if you feel like creating a Wedding event or a Birthday Event or a simple Leavers Bash feel free to select our first section, it is only Kshs. 300/=
Monthly Events
KShs. 5000
If you handle events monthly Shacadasha can offer you a Recurring Payment plan (every month) for only 5K per month! Shacadasha will organize your events in line with your company policy and make sure all actors are made available during the event.  Most of these actors are very hard to find and their calendars are always full but with a little nudge here and there we have managed to get them to agree & sign a binding contract which will ensure they are always available every month for your events. You can have a free 3 days trial period at only KShs. 1,000.

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